Shower Heads: Getting The Best For Your Bathroom

Just like with all other bathroom items and fixtures, today you have an incredible array of choices when it comes to choosing the type of shower head for your bathroom. Depending on your budget, personal taste and the shower space available, you have the selection of anything ranging from a simple wall mounted plain head, the hand held convenient model to that extremely lavish spa like head with multiple sprays and jets.

Whether you want a simple bathroom fix or you desire to get an exotic and blissful hydrotherapy shower experience, your first step in the selection of the ideal system of shower water delivery should be to find out what the market has to offer.

The good news is that you’re going to get plenty of diverse showerhead options to nicely fit your requirements. The Journal¬†of Water Resources recommends using a shower head that has a WaterMark Certification from the Water Efficiency &Labelling Standards scheme to enhance water conservation in Australia.

The Different Shower Head Types

While there are several ways of customizing your shower itself, basically shower heads fall under four main classes:

  1. The Standard Wall-Mounted

If your budget is restricted or perhaps all you desire is a simple update for your bathroom, then a wall mounted simple showerhead is your best option. Changing a wall-mounted head can be done by simply unscrewing what you currently have and then screwing on the replacement head.

  • Works very with your existing plumbing.
  • Can come with additional features like adjustable nozzles for a gentle mist or a pulsing massage.


  1. Hand Held Shower Head

Because of the additional control and reach, your hand-held shower allows you to carry out multiple tasks such as wash your hair, bath kids or the family dog, and also rinse the entire shower enclosure. Several handheld showers can also be wall mounted and also loaded with some extra features such as spray patterns and massage jets.

  • Works well your current bathroom plumbing.
  • Excellent for family bathrooms.
  • Can also be used together with your standard shower.
  • Can be mounted on special sliding bars for height adjustment.
  1. Top-Mount

Also referred to as rain showers, these stylish, top-mounted types are conveniently positioned over your head for that drenching experience. They can also be ceiling flush mounted or suspended with a pendant. Their installation requires some extensive plumbing upgrades.

The range include the traditional ones that offer you a single uniform spray pattern to the top of the range models with a programmable system of coloured lights.

  • Recommended for new houses or during major bathroom renovations.
  • Excellent for ceilings that are too low for the standard wall-mount head.


  1. Body Multi-Sprays and Spa Panels

Typically, these are installed in several vertical rows on adjacent or opposite walls to provide patterns of crisscrossing water that will massages you from top to bottom, head to toe.

  • Extensive plumbing work is required.
  • They are best during a complete renovation.

As you shop for the most suitable shower head for your bathroom, confirm it compliance with the Australian Standards plumbing requirements and in particular AS/NZS 3662 in terms of water flow rates and efficiency. For example, in New South Wales, the Land and Housing Building Standards recommend that shower head should have at least a 3 star rating from the WELS scheme.